We are expecting a baby!

Our bedroom is too small to fit a baby cot or a crib, so we choose a hanging baby crib.

The baby grows fast and soon the little feet shows over the edge of the crib, so we need a bigger hanging bed, but could not find one.

Mother starts sewing her own bed that is big enough and that lasts till the baby is ready for his own bedroom. Moving creates the thought of keeping the same bed when moving from parent room to child room using the same bed as he is used to. The idea of a new kind of bed is born.

We apply for patent to protect our idea to check if there is anything similar to our idea. Patent bureau checks thoroughly worldwide and concludes it does not exist anywhere else in the world. Patent no longer pending now patent is validated.

The bed is developed by industry designer SLIP Design and we emphasize security, and comfort for the baby. We also focus simplicity for assembling and easily handled for mother and father.

We are most satisfied with the result.