Grandparents and anyone who have children sleeping over

With FlexiCrib ®, you can hang up the bed when your grandchildren come to visit and then turn down the bed when guests go home and store it away until the next time they come. You save space - and your grandchildren will look forward to bedtime in your house! The bed can be used from 0 to about 5 years (120 cm long).

Use adjustability!

If your child has a cold, it may be a good idea to adjust the length of the rope so that the head is a few degrees higher than the legs. Some degrees are not so much, but a little higher to make it a little easier to breathe by nasal congestion.

Ceiling bracket

If hanging bracket does not fit in your home, we recommend as an alternative buying two hooks that attaches firmly to the ceiling. You can use this as an alternative if you have a cottage, visiting grandparents, etc. When the child gets his own bed along on the journey it makes easier to fall asleep. (Remember to ask, if it is not your property, is it okay that you make two holes in the ceiling).

The bed is easy to clean!

The bed should be washed occasionally. And we recommend you do this first thing, then you know how to do it and it may be, like bed linnen, some dust left from production. Loosen zippers that attach to the bed frame, put in the washing machine, set at 60 degrees, attached to the frame and dried there. The bed requires no ironing, and dishes out fine when it is dried on the frame.

A flexible bed!

It is easy to take down from the ceiling mount, fold, pack down and ready to go. Storage-/travel bag has room for the bed and the mattresses.