Why choose FlexiCrib ® for our child?

FlexiCrib ® is a safe and comfortable bed with confortable design. The bed is easy to assemble and easy to move. The bed is also very easy to clean, can be washed in a washing machine at 60 ° and iron. FlexiCrib ® is a patented, thoughtful, wonderful and robust design. The feedback we have received from our customers is simply that the baby sleeps better in a FlexiCrib ®.

FlexiCrib ® is the cradle which can be extended to crib

Babies sleeps well in FlexiCrib ® - from infants up to 5 years of age! The sleep quality of parents will also increase with proximity to the child - without bed sharing, if you choose to hang the crib over the parents’ bed. Furthermore, it is advantageous when the bed is to be moved out of the parents' bedroom and into the nursery that the baby is still sleeping in the same safe bed as before. The bed is consequently easy to bring to grandparents or at the summer house as it can be folded and packed for travel or storage.

FlexiCrib ® rocking long and comfortable after one puff

There are many theories and sciences about the rocking and stimulate the senses. FlexiCrib ® gives you the opportunity to choose for themselves. The bed can be rocked sideways and forwards. Traditional or modern. The bed has a wide opening and a narrow bottom when in the cradle size. The wide opening provides good supply of oxygen. The narrow bottom provides security. Add on a lambskin top of the mattress, it provides stable heat and a comfortable support around the child.

A safe, stable and comfortable cot

FlexiCrib ® is incredibly stable. When the baby is so big that it has expanded FlexiCrib ® to the crib, we see this particularly well. Due to the patented design, the bed is just as stable when the child is in bed and leaning against the edge - like when the baby is in it.

FlexiCrib ® is tested, approved and patented

FlexiCrib ® is designed in collaboration with the award-winning design agency SLIP. Simple, robust solutions are often the best for safety, stability and comfort for the child. In addition, FlexiCrib ® has a modern yet traditional look.

  • Combined cot and children's bed
  • 2 mattresses included
  • White ceiling bracket, screws and plugs included
  • Possibility of height adjustment
  • Snap hooks included
  • Bag for storage or travel included
  • CE-approved
  • Tested and approved by the Danish Technological Institute

FlexiCrib ® - no shipping cost!