From idea to patent

When the idea was born, we contacted Håmsø Patentbyrå . They have been very helpful and supportive. Patent Office made a preliminary test first to find out if there was hope for a patent. They found no similar product on the market.

We started the long road to patent. Patent Bureaus around the world have checked and explored, and the answer was that we had found a technical innovation that no one has thought of before.

In 2010, patent was granted and we have created a unique product. We are of course very proud.

The idea of a mother in Norway became: Norwegian Design to the world.

Award winning design agency

FlexiCrib was designed by the award-winning industrial design agency SLIP and we are impressed with their ability to think simple solution, comfort, security and stability of the child while maintaining a traditional and contemporary look.

Want to read more about SLIP, see what prices they have won and what products they have in their portfolio, you can read more at >

A brief introduction of SLIP:
SLIP is the name of a strategic industrial design agency in Stavanger and SLIP is what the agency does: Grinder products to the right and best form. The basis for this is customer conscious choice of industrial design as a strategic tool. We anchor the design of a customer's business and develop shape from idea to finished product. This requires a total material and technology knowledge and an aesthetic overview throughout the process.

As part of corporate identity and always with a distinct functionally and formally expressed. To the delight of the people who will use the products daily.